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You can get our releases through our bigcartel store or, if you want to pay cash or banktransfer, by sending a message to petit [don't spam | at] fortyweightrecords [dot] com. All our releases come with a free download code.

FWR009 – Outline – Noose

fwr009 Four tracks of pissed off hardcorepunk in the vein of Sinking Ships, Last Lights and Trial dealing with frustration, anger and regret.
  1. empty words
  2. NGNM
  3. loveless
  4. noose
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FWR008 – V/A – Music we like by people we like

Tape compilation made especially for Crossbone Fest ’14. If you didn’t get a hold of one through a goodie bag, you’re out of luck!
Side A
  1. outline – statues
  2. off the charts – dark shades
  3. cheap drugs – cheap drugs
  4. crosses – delbeque
Side B
  1. mc karel vs. outline
  2. bad ideas – breathe in / breathe out
  3. other half – osker
  4. off the charts – waiting

FWR007 – Off The Charts – Empty Hearts & s/t tape

The long sold out demo tape and s/t EP from our favourite belgian punkrock band, back on tape!
  1. intro
  2. dark shades
  3. empty hearts = empty bottles
  4. cease and proceed
  5. waiting
  6. she doesn’t care at all, she doesn’t care about those times we never shared at all
  7. imposed future
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FWR006 – Outline – Tombs one-sided 12″

Follow up to the s/t demo. 200 copies on clear green/white wax.
  1. intro
  2. still to come
  3. statues
  4. inner pride
  5. tombs
  6. final call
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FWR005 – Cheap Drugs – s/t demo tape

Cheap Drugs - Demo Eighties throwback with members of the late Vogue and Silver & Gold.
  1. nothing
  2. exacerbation of the soul
  3. not in my face
  4. cheap drugs
  5. human stupidity
  6. overall
  7. never
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FWR004 – Outline – s/t demo tape

Outline - s/t Sincere hardcorepunk with the passionate & raw energy of late 90s and early 00s hardcore.
  1. definition
  2. off the map
  3. perfect end
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FWR003 – Off The Charts – Empty Hearts demo tape

Off The Charts - Empty Hearts Demo from the promising Dilbeek youngsters, for everyone who loves Osker, Latterman and Title Fight.
  1. intro
  2. dark shades
  3. empty hearts = empty bottles
  4. cease and proceed
sold out

FWR002 – Bad Ideas – Dear Regret ep tape

Bad Ideas - Dear Regret UK punkrock bringing acoustic-infused anthems blending influences like The Lawrence Arms with Chuck Ragan.
  1. the bitter end
  2. 365
  3. breathe in / breathe out
  4. bar side resuscitation
  5. trains
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FWR001 – Crosses – s/t demo tape

Crosses - s/t Like mammoths on a rampage, 3 stomps of heavy belgian postrock/shoegaze/hardcore
  1. un
  2. delbeque
  3. la terre
hand-numbered and limited to 50 copies. sold out